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Current Events

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer and that you are looking forward to the start of the new school year.

Our school bus drivers and transportation staff are deeply dedicated to child safety in our community. As the school year begins it is a good idea to take a few minutes to check over some back-to-school safety tips.

Please remember as you are driving your vehicle be alert for buses and kids -- especially the first couple of weeks of school when everyone is getting used to the new schedules and travel routines. Children are most at risk as they board or exit their school bus. As a parent, you can help protect your child by reinforcing safe boarding and exiting procedures

If your child is riding the school bus:

  • Provide your child with highly visible outerwear and make sure long drawstrings or straps are removed
  • Provide your child with a backpack to reduce the chance of an item being dropped near or under the bus
  • Make sure your child is at the bus stop five minutes early and supervise him/her as he/she waits for the bus.
  • Remind your child to behave in an orderly fashion during the bus ride.
  • Tell your child that he or she should stay away from the bus, at least three giant steps (6 feet), until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals your child to enter
  • Remind your child to use the handrail to enter and exit the bus.
  • Remind your child do not to play while waiting for the bus and to stand in an orderly line.
  • Remind you child that at the bus stop, do not play while waiting for the bus and stand in an orderly line
  • Remind your child that if he/she drops something near the bus, to tell the bus driver. Tell your child NEVER to try to retrieve the item because the driver may not be able to see him/her. Remind your child NEVER to walk behind the bus.
  • Remind your child to never walk behind the bus.