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December 18, 2003

This process replaces all existing processes and procedures and is intended to streamline the process that sites have to go through in the event of 'vandalism'. The existing process is long and arduous involving Security, Risk Management, Purchasing and eventually Information Services to make the necessary repairs. This is obviously not serving the best interests of schools, teachers, students or our instructional mission. Technology that is 'down' equals lost instructional time, especially for computer labs.

To recap, what is commonly referred to as 'vandalism' can be defined as one of six events:

  1. Lost Equipment - "I packed it away in June and it is missing in September", etc.
  2. Accidental Damage - "I dropped my laptop"
  3. Theft Of Non-Inventoried Equipment - "Someone stole my mouse".
  4. Vandalism During School Hours - "Someone broke the door on the floppy drive".
  5. Vandalism During Non-School Hours - "Some broke in over the weekend and smashed my monitor"
  6. Theft of Inventoried Equipment - "Someone stole my laptop"


If 'vandalism' falls in to one of the first four categories (Lost, Accident, Theft/non-inventoried or Vandalism during school hours) then there is some degree of responsibility that must fall on the site. However, it is not Information Services charter to make such a judgment. Our goal is to re-enable the use of the technology.

  1. The Help Desk will take the call and create a ticket indicating that it is 'vandalism'.
  2. Our field technicians will be dispatched to the site to replace parts and make the necessary repairs.
  3. The cost for this repair will be captured and the branch secretary will prepare an appropriation transfer from the site to Information Services for the actual cost of the repairs (parts, depot service on laptops, etc.).
  4. Should the site choose to pursue reimbursement, that is their prerogative but the technology is working and Information Services is out of the loop.

Events 5 and 6 (Vandalism during non-school hours and Theft of inventoried equipment) involve a crime and loss of a District asset. Therefore, sites would still need to follow the existing procedures with Security & Risk Management.