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Onsite Renewable Energy



Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity Generation Systems

Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) is committed to both energy conservation and sustainability for the betterment of our community.  LBUSD has implemented their board approved Sustainability Plan (hyperlink) that will address issues such as climate change, renewable energy, and more.

LBUSD Sustainability Plan

Board Policy 3510.1 - Green School Operations - Energy and Sustainability Policy

Through our Facilities and Planning Departments, LBUSD has implemented the construction of solar photovoltaic (PV) structures at more than 2 dozen schools in parking lots, playgrounds, and nearby fields.  Solar PV is an alternative energy source to produce clean electricity for school facilities which reduces the overall greenhouse gas emissions footprint of the District.  These solar structures not only produce clean energy but are also a cost savings measure as these mitigate rising electric utility costs.  In addition to renewable energy, these structures also provide shade to students, teachers and staff.

Phase I – Completed in 2015

LBUSD has started with an initial implementation of three solar sites at Cabrillo, Lakewood and Millikan High Schools.  These sites have a combined total capacity of over 2.2 MW and have been producing clean electricity since 2014. 


Addams Elementary Hamilton Middle
Alvarado Elementary & Nelson Middle Harte Elementary
Burbank Elementary Lincoln Elementary
Cabrillo High Lindbergh Middle
Chavez Elementary Marshall Middle
Cleveland Elementary Newcomb K-8
Edison Elementary Powell Academy
Franklin Middle Signal Hill Elementary
Gant Elementary Smith Elementary
Grant Elementary Whittier Elementary

Phase II – Projected Completion 2026

Phase II continued the expansion of renewable electricity generation with an additional 16 schools (see below) that have a total capacity of nearly  2.9 MW of power. 

Bixby Elementary MacArthur Elementary
Browning High Mann Elementary
Burcham Elementary McKinley Elementary
Garfield Elementary Muir K-8
Hudson Elementary Prisk Elementary
Keller Middle Riley Elementary
Kettering Elementary Stephens Middle
Lindsey Middle Webster Elementary



Cabrillo High School (completed in 2015)
Cabrillo High School (completed in 2015)

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Nelson Academy (completed in 2021)
Nelson Academy (completed in 2021)

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Cesar Chavez Elementary School (completed in 2020)
Cesar Chavez Elementary School (completed in 2020)

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