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Bethune Homeless Education Program



Student Support Services

Department Address 
2221 Argonne Ave
Long Beach, CA 90815

(562) 986-6870

(562) 985-0524

Bethune Homeless Education Program - Administrators

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Dr. Claudia Sosa-Valderrama (562) 986-6870 x.242 Director
Student Support Services
Foster Youth Liaison
Homeless Youth Liaison
Custodian of Records
Susana A. Cortes, LCSW, PPSC (562) 986-6870 Program Specialist
Lead Social Worker

Bethune Homeless Education Program - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Maribel Gonzalez (562) 498-2324 x.224 Transitional Services Specialist
All District BHEP Support
Jasmin Cabral (562) 498-2324 x.321 School Social Worker
Elementary School
Yadira Guitron-Cayetano (562) 498-2324 x.227 School Social Worker
Elementary School
Shelbby Bambrick (562) 498-2324 x.226 School Social Worker
K-8 & Middle School
Diana Martinez (562) 498-2324 x.223 School Social Worker
High School
Xochitl Cervantes Vasquez, ASW (562) 498-2324 x.225 School Social Worker
High School

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Homeless Education

The Mary McLeod Bethune Homeless Education program provides mental health assessment and support, uniform assistance, backpacks, school supplies, personal necessities, tutoring, district and community resources and referrals, advocacy, enrollment support, and any other assistance students may need to access their education in the same way as their housed peers. The Bethune Social Workers provide intensive case management services to the students and families, support district staff, conduct training and education, and work closely with community partners to form a supportive and empowering network for LBUSD students and families who are experiencing homelessness.

This program is successful because of its generous community partners and donors. Long Beach Council of PTA’s, Assistance League of Long Beach, The Volunteer Center, Long Beach Rescue Mission, School on Wheels, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, churches, synagogues, and generous individual community members help to provide the necessities that Bethune students need to succeed in school and after graduation. The Long Beach Education Foundation also identifies funds to support this unique education program.

Request McKinney-Vento Assistance

Student Housing Questionnaire:

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Student’s Rights under the McKinney-Vento Act

Under the McKinney-Vento Act, U.S.C.A. 42 Section 11302 (and Title I of the ESEA, as amended by ESSA Section 1112 (c)(5)(B)), children in transitional situations have the right to:

  1. Go to school, even if they do not have a permanent address
  2. Enroll immediately, even if immunization records, tuberculosis skin test results, and other documents normally required for enrollment are missing
  3. Choose to attend either their School of Origin (the school attended when permanently housed or any school attended within the last 15 months), or the school in the attendance area where the student is temporarily living
  4. Enroll, attend classes, and fully participate in all school activities while the school arranges for the transfer of records
  5. Receive transportation to and from the School of Origin, if the student/parent/guardian meets certain criteria
  6. Automatic eligibility for free school meals
  7. Have access to the same services and programs that are available to ALL students. 

Según la Ley McKinney-Vento, U.S.C.A. 42 Sección 11302 (y el Título I de la ESEA, enmendado por la ESSA Sección 1112 (c)(5)(B)), los niños en situación de transición tienen derecho a:

  1. Ir a la escuela, aún si no tienen una dirección permanente 
  2. Matricularse de inmediato, aun si no tienen la cartilla de vacunas, los resultados de la prueba de tuberculosis de la piel, y otros documentos que normalmente se requieren para matricularse.
  3. Escoger asistir ya sea a la Escuela de Origen (la escuela a la que se asistía cuando tenían vivienda permanente o cualquier escuela a la que se asistió en los últimos 15 meses), o la escuela en el área de asistencia en donde el estudiante vive actualmente 
  4. Matricularse, asistir a clases, y participar plenamente en todas las actividades escolares mientras la escuela hace lo necesario para transferir los expedientes
  5. Recibir transporte a y desde la Escuela de Origen, si el estudiante/ padre de familia/ tutor cumple con ciertos criterios
  6. Elegibilidad automática para comidas escolares gratuitas 
  7. Tener acceso a los mismos servicios y programas que están disponibles para TODOS los estudiantes.