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Adapted Physical Education

Adapted Physical Education is direct physical education services provided by an adapted physical education specialist to students who have needs that cannot be adequately satisfied in other physical education programs as indicated by assessment and evaluation of motor skills performance and other areas of need. It may include individually designed developmental activities, games, sports, and rhythms, for strength development and fitness suited to the capabilities, limitations, and interests of individual students with disabilities who may not safely, successfully, or meaningfully engage in unrestricted participation in the vigorous activities of the general or modified physical education program.

Audiological services

Audiological services include measurements of acuity, monitoring amplification, and frequency modulation system use. Consultation services with teachers, parents, or speech pathologists must be identified in the IEP as to reason, frequency, and duration of contact; infrequent contact is considered assistance and would not be included. 

School-Based Physical Therapy (PT)

School-Based Physical Therapy (PT) is a service provided, pursuant to an IEP, by a registered physical therapist, or physical therapist assistant, when assessment shows a discrepancy between gross motor performance and other educational skills. Physical therapy includes, but is not limited to, motor control and coordination, posture and balance, self-help, functional mobility, accessibility and use of assistive devices. Services may be provided within the classroom or other educational settings and may occur in groups or individually. These services may include adaptations to the student's environment and curriculum, selected therapeutic techniques and activities, and consultation and collaborative interventions with staff and parents

Specialized Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

Specialized Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services include speech therapy, speech reading, auditory training, and/or instruction in the student's mode of communication. Rehabilitative and educational services; adapting curricula, methods, and the learning environment; and special consultation to students, parents, teachers, and other school personnel.

Specialized Services for Low Incidence Disabilities

Specialized Services for Low Incidence Disabilities are low incidence services are defined as those provided to the student population who have Orthopedic Impairment (OI), Visual Impairment (VI), who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing (HH), or Deaf-Blind (DB). Typically, services are provided in education settings by an itinerant teacher or an itinerant teacher/specialist. Consultation is provided to the teacher, staff, and parents as needed. These services must be clearly written in the student's IEP, including frequency and duration of the services to the student.

Assistive Technology Services

Assistive Technology Services include any specialized training or technical support for the incorporation of assistive devices, adapted computer technology, or specialized media with the educational programs to improve access for students. The term includes a functional analysis of the student's needs for assistive technology; selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, or repairing appropriate devices; coordinating services with assistive technology devices; training or technical assistance for students with a disability, the student's family, individuals providing education or rehabilitation services, and employers.

Behavior Intervention Services

Behavior Intervention Services are a systematic implementation of procedures designed to promote lasting, positive changes in the student's behavior resulting in greater access to a variety of community settings, social contacts, public events, and placement in the least restrictive environment.

School-Based Occupational Therapy (OT)

School-Based Occupational Therapy (OT) includes services to improve student's educational performance, postural stability, self-help abilities, sensory processing and organization, environmental adaptation and use of assistive devices, motor planning and coordination, visual perception and integration, social and play abilities, and fine motor abilities. Both direct and indirect services may be provided within the classroom or other educational settings in groups or individually, and may include therapeutic techniques to develop abilities, adaptations to the student's environment or curriculum, and consultation and collaboration with other staff and parents. Services are provided, pursuant to an IEP, by a qualified Occupational Therapist registered with the American Occupational Therapy Certification Board.

Specialized Orthopedic Services

Specialized Orthopedic Services are specially designed instruction related to the unique needs of students with orthopedic disabilities, including specialized materials and equipment.

Specialized Vision Impairment Service

Specialized Vision Impairment Services is a broad category of services provided to students with visual impairments. It includes assessment of functional vision; curriculum modifications necessary to meet the student's educational needs including Braille, large type, and aural media; instruction in areas of need; concept development and academic skills; communication skills including alternative modes of reading and writing; and social, emotional, career, vocational, and independent living skills.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language Services provide remedial intervention for eligible individuals with difficulty understanding or using spoken language. The difficulty may result from problems with articulation (excluding abnormal swallowing patterns, if that is the sole assessed disability); abnormal voice quality, pitch, or loudness; fluency; hearing loss; or the acquisition, comprehension, or expression of spoken language. Language deficits or speech patterns resulting from unfamiliarity with the English language and from environmental, economic or cultural factors are not included. Services include specialized instruction and services: monitoring, reviewing, and consultation, and may be direct or indirect, including the use of a Speech and Language Pathologist.