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Our Mission

Our mission at Buffum Total Learning Center (TLC) for early learners is to provide a safe and nurturing developmentally appropriate environment where students are encouraged to reach their maximum potential while developing a lifelong love of learning. The Buffum TLC team, families, and the community work together to build a foundation that supports the overall success of every student, every day.

Buffum TLC has…

  • 20 Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) Pre-K classes
    • Early Start program for students (ages 0-3) with hearing loss, vision, and/or orthopedic impairments without global developmental delays.
    • 1 PreK SAI class off-campus at Emerson for students who are deaf or hard of hearing
    • 14 Co-Collaborative Teaching (CCT) classes at various school sites
  • Early Intensive Assessment Center (EIAC)
  • District's Preschool Assessment Center
  • Support Staff (i.e. Nurses, Speech Pathologists, Behavior Intervention Supervisor, Aides, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapist)

Our Program…

  • is based on early intervention and evidence based “Best Practices”
  • encourages and teaches social skills and is language-based
  • is directly aligned to the California Pre-K Learning Foundations & the DRDP which supports TK/Kindergarten Common Core Standards
  • is comprised of play, sensory, academic, and  behavior components
  • utilizes monthly themes and target vocabulary words
  • There is fluidity between programs. This way students have the opportunity to move from LRE to MRE depending on need and progress.
  • Support Staff and Related Services are on site to provide assistance to students as needed.