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Emergency Preparedness Program



Emergency Preparedness Program

The Long Beach Unified School District Emergency Preparedness Program has established a comprehensive school safety plan to promote and prepare safe and secure schools.  Each year, school safety teams review emergency plans and response activities for earthquake, fire, flood, power failure, severe weather, threat, and other events.  To maintain readiness, students, teachers, principals, and support staff participate in emergency drills and exercises throughout the year. 

If the impact of a large-scale emergency or disaster delays first responders from reaching schools in need, school personnel will use the emergency plan to manage the school situation and supervise student care.  School response teams will use procedures to move everyone to a safe area and setup emergency supplies to care for and shelter students and staff.  The safety plan includes preparations to reunite students with their families, and response teams practice these steps to be ready to go. 

As parents and guardians, you may have questions about what to expect after an earthquake—or other emergency, and how to pick up your child.  The Emergency Preparedness Program provides a procedure for schools to release students.  Students will wait with their teachers in a safe area until their family arrives.  Schools will setup a “Request Gate” area at the fence for parents, guardians, and authorized adults to start the process of picking up their children.  Students will then join their family members at a second gate, called the “Release Gate.” 

Students of all grade levels will practice these steps.  We encourage you to talk to your child about the importance of following the directions of their teachers and principal during an emergency.  Family members can learn more about a school’s emergency plan by attending site council meetings and by being involved at safety meetings.  If you have any questions, please contact the principal of the school.  You may also contact the Emergency Preparedness Program Manager for more information at 562-997-8338.

Emergency Preparedness Program Manager

5250 E. Los Coyotes Diagonal
Long Beach, CA  90815

(562) 997-8338
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