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Student Data Systems



Student Data Systems

Student data systems consist of web-based systems for managing student enrollment, including schedules, attendance, grading, and more. It allows administrators, teachers, students, and parents to exchange information about student progress in school.

Synergy Support
(562) 997-8358

LROIX Support
(562) 997-8358

Parent Support

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Research - Student Data Systems Office

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Pui Ma (562) 997-8073 Coordinator - Research Information Systems
Amy Clements-Feeman (562) 997-8694 Associate Research Information Systems Analyst
Kenna Kirk (562) 997-8277 Associate Research Information Systems Analyst
Daro Huot (562) 997-8228 Educational Research Analyst I
Christina Johnston (562) 997-8223 Student Data Systems Specialist
Evelyn Uribe (562) 997-8471 Student Data Systems Specialist
Rebecca Valdez (562) 997-8607 Student Data Systems Specialist
Sharon Dade (562) 997-8079 School Data Tech
Jeannette Donahue (562) 997-8628 School Data Tech
Marin Loeun (562) 997-8631 School Data Tech
Melissa Prince (562) 997-8034 School Data Tech
Natalie Ramirez (562) 997-8120 School Data Tech