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California Office to Reform Education (CORE)

Long Beach Unified School District has several other school districts in California to participate in the nonprofit California Office to Reform Education (CORE). The mission of CORE is to work together to innovate, implement, and scale new strategies and tools that help our students succeed, so that our districts are improved to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This partnership is designed around two principles:

  1. First, there is unwavering belief among the districts in equity and access for ALL students: CORE districts share a fundamental belief that all of our students can achieve at high levels.
  2. Second, there is an instructional focused and orientation to practice: CORE districts maintain a shared focus on the learning-instruction-assessment nexus of our work, which we believe will strengthen and align the instructional core of each of our schools.

LBUSD CORE Waiver Report Card Fall 2014
District.  It also includes information about school performance within the context of the CORE No Child Left Behind Waiver.

This report card contains information about the historic performance of students in the Long Beach Unified School