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Vision 2035: Education Reimagined in LBUSD

Five young LBUSD students

The Long Beach Unified School District released a new aspirational vision that reimagines education in the District.

Vision 2035 is the result of a year-long community-wide collaborative process centered on developing a long-term vision for how the District aspires to serve children from birth to 12th grade and beyond by 2035.

The vision includes four components: a graduate portrait, an adult portrait, a system portrait and a statement of core values.

  • The Graduate Portrait envisions the outcomes for students in LBUSD. This portrait represents LBUSD’s aspirations for what students will know, be and be able to do to thrive after they cross the graduation stage in their senior year. The graduate portrait describes the future-ready, equity-minded graduates that the District will work together to develop.
  • The Adult Portrait describes what all adults in the District need to know, be and be able to do in order to support each student’s journey toward realizing the Graduate Portrait.
  • The System Portrait focuses on creating the conditions that will enable LBUSD students and adults to thrive and grow, guided by the Core Values.
  • The Core Values express the principles that will guide LBUSD’s actions toward implementing Vision 2035 over time. These values build on the District’s prior core values and introduce key ideas aligned with LBUSD’s new vision.

The four components of Vision 2035 will aid LBUSD as it continues to develop its multi-year strategic plan, scheduled for release later in the 2023-24 school year. Additional information on Vision 2035 can be accessed at

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