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Students Set Sail for 'Panthers at Sea'

Students Participate in the 2023 Jordan High School Panthers At Sea

After a pause due to the pandemic, Jordan High School's annual Panthers at Sea sailing event returned earlier this month with the help of local yacht and sailing clubs, as well as Jordan staff and volunteers.

The event allows students to experience ocean sailing around the Long Beach Harbor on a private sailboat captained by an experienced sailor. 

A total of 50 students participated in this year’s event — with the majority having never been on a sailboat, and for some, it was their first time ever on a boat. 

Most of the students were left with lasting impressions and excitement to sail again. Some of the comments left by students about their experience include:

  • “I really enjoyed my experience in Panthers at Sea. I learned how to do simple things like pulling rope for the sails. I also learned about the captains and the different things in the ocean.”
  • “I loved the experience of sailing. I definitely want to do it again someday. I also learned that sailboats use ‘knots’ for speed measurements.”
  • “Thank you for everything, from showing us about managing a boat to all the food and snacks. I would just like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to participate in this event.”
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