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School Safety Visits Preschool Learners

LBUSD School Safety Visit Classroom

The Long Beach Unified School District's School Safety Intervention team recently embarked on a heartwarming initiative, visiting various school sites to engage with and read to preschoolers. 

During these visits, the team not only fostered positive relationships with the young students but also imparted crucial knowledge about school safety. To enhance the impact of these interactions, Assistant Chief of School Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Cameron Smith, also participated in some of the visits.

By the end of the school year, the LBUSD School Intervention Specialists completed meaningful visits to Powell Academy, Grant, McKinley, Holmes and Webster elementary schools. During their most recent visit to Webster, the team presented and read in Spanish to a dual-immersion transitional kindergarten class.

The LBUSD School Safety team is excited to continue participating in similar opportunities this coming school year.

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