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Long Beach Utilities Inspires Lakewood Students

LBUSD Student and Long Beach Utilities Employee

Photo courtesy of Long Beach Utilities.

Long Beach Utilities recently hosted students from Lakewood High School at an all-day career event in collaboration with the Long Beach Unified School District’s Office of Pathways and Business Engagement. 

Students from Lakewood’s Odyssey pathway, which focuses on conservation and sustainability with a focus on marine-themed science, participated in the event. The pathway addresses environmental solutions to global challenges such as climate change, renewable energy, pollution and the growing world population.

The event aimed to inspire students to explore potential career opportunities within the utilities sector as they gained firsthand knowledge about water meters, sewer operations and utility maintenance practices. They also had the chance to tour the Long Beach Utilities’ Ground Water Treatment Plant and engage with professionals during a panel discussion. The panel included a diverse group of employees, from recent academy graduates and seasoned supervisors, who graciously shared valuable insights into their roles and the daily workings of the utility department.

The collaboration between LBUSD and Long Beach Utilities demonstrates the power of partnerships in shaping the future workforce and fostering a culture of innovation and growth within the utilities industry.

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