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LBUSD Leadership Pipeline Cultivates District Talent

Dr. Jill A. Baker and Dr. Kelly An of LBUSD

Pictured above, LBUSD Superintendent Dr. Jill A. Baker and Dr. Kelly An, assistant superintendent of Human Resource Services, meet with district administrators.

A recent article co-authored by our very own Superintendent Jill A. Baker highlights how the District’s Equity Leadership and Talent Development Pipeline Programs have supplied a way to promote and nurture home-grown talent across the Long Beach Unified School District. 

The article, “How High-Quality Leadership Pipeline Promotes Home-Grown Talent in California,” applauds the District’s 16 professional development programs, designed to create a diverse candidate pool by equipping Long Beach education leaders with the skills and support needed to succeed.

The success of the LBUSD professional development programs has been witnessed by many as it continues to provide a solid foundation for the growth and development of future leaders.

The article notes that the programs have “created stability and growth in the administrative ranks, increased the percentage of leaders of color and bolstered the presence of women among the district’s highest positions.”

“More than 200 district employees are on these pathways, rising from teacher leaders to aspiring central office administrators. Another 100 non-teaching personnel are pursuing teacher certifications, providing the district with a new and diverse candidate pool.

“Fully 100% of principal and assistant principal vacancies are filled from the pool of program participants, on average about seven to 10 positions a year. On the district level, 88% of current certified directors went through the Exploring Leadership pipeline.”

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