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Eighth Graders Earn Scholarships

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Five eighth graders have each earned $500 college scholarships, courtesy of the Lyman W. and Nancy E. Lough Eighth Grade Scholarship Fund.

Each year, the awards go to five students with a minimum GPA of 2.0, good citizenship and potential for future success. Traditionally, the winners are students who are beating the odds and continuing to learn despite tough circumstances such as a disability, a difficult home life or other challenges. They each receive $100 per year throughout high school, totaling $500 by the time they enter college.

The winners and their middle schools are:

  • Lilly Satele-Pinkney, Marshall Academy of the Arts
  • Kanali Bullard, Stephens Middle School
  • Fatima Akoud, Robinson Academy
  • Morgan Zarate Ferrin, Rogers Middle School
  • Jeremiah Jackson, Powell Academy

As part of the Lough Awards, student Ashley Chheak of Franklin Middle School also received an additional $180-per-year scholarship from the Frangesch Memorial Fund. The Frangesch Award selection criteria are the same as those used for the Lough Awards.

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