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Building Family and Community Partnerships

LBUSD Parents and Caregivers Attend College Tour

Pictured above, a group of LBUSD parents and caregivers attend a Parent College Tour at Long Beach City College.

The Office of Equity, Engagement and Partnerships (EEP) at the Long Beach Unified School District is committed to establishing a safe and supportive learning environment for all students and families. 

LBUSD’s EEP strives to build strong partnerships with families and local community organizations to ensure every student has access to high-quality education. Through a variety of programs, EEP provides resources for parents and guardians and cultivates a culture of respect and understanding throughout the District.

Supporting and Empowering Families and Students

EEP supports families and students across all grade levels through various resources, including District-led parent groups, the LBUSD Black Student Achievement Initiative, parent engagement opportunities and LBUSD’s Parent University, a series of workshops designed to support and empower families to become full partners in their child's education.

In January 2024, LBUSD’s EEP launched the Family Leadership Institute (FLI). Phase One of FLI featured a three-day workshop for families from 12 elementary school sites. The FLI sessions provided participants with the support and empowerment to become leaders and set individual and family-oriented goals.

During Phase Two, EEP Director Dr. Lucy Salazar and staff members led sessions aimed at building empathy and community among parents. The focus was on honoring the knowledge and assets of parents and caregivers as leaders.
In line with Phase Two, EEP also organized a Parent College Tour to the Long Beach City College (LBCC), a transformative half-day experience designed to help parents and caregivers understand LBCC's inclusive environment. The tour showcased services tailored to support all individuals including those with disabilities, undocumented or experiencing homelessness and food insecurity. 

The LBUSD Parent College Tour provided parents and guardians with the necessary knowledge and resources to actively engage in their student’s education and foster their academic success. It also helped them better understand how to support their children when transitioning into higher education.

Strengthening Community Partnerships 

LBUSD is grateful for the authentic partnerships with community-based organizations (CBOs) and the connections established between these organizations and its schools. Recently, an appreciation breakfast was held at Browning High School to recognize the significant role played by CBOs in providing resources and services to students and families. 

The event was an opportunity to foster future collaborations and express gratitude for existing partnerships, including those with Parent Community Facilitators at LBUSD middle schools and social workers from the District’s Wellness Centers, the Bethune Homeless Education Program and the Foster Youth Unit.

Together, the District and CBOs identified future collaboration opportunities that aligned with LBUSD's Vision 2035. They also discussed extending relationships with families, providing hands-on assistance and services to improve the academic performance of Black students, and supporting underserved youth, particularly LGBTQ+ students, among other goals. 

Staying Engaged with LBUSD 

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the EEP webpage for more information on the current programs and resources available to LBUSD families. 

Local community organizations can also contact EEP at 562-997-8322 to inquire about district partnership opportunities.

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