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Head Start

Department Address 
1260 E. 33rd St.
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Department Phone 
(562) 426-8144

LBUSD Head Start and Early Head Start provides free part-day and full-day high-quality center-based care and education for children birth to five.  Additionally, home-based services are provided for pregnant women and families with children birth to three.  We embrace the provision of services through a multi-generational approach that builds on the premise that parents are their children’s first and most important teacher.  The comprehensive services provided include: family engagement, leadership and advocacy training; child growth development- school readiness, health, nutrition, mental health and early intervention services.  Priority is given to families who meet income eligibility guidelines, have foster children, are experiencing homelessness or inadequate housing, have a child with a disability or are facing other circumstances that warrant the need for early childhood care and education services. There are 23 locations across the cities of Long Beach and Signal Hill.  The centers are located on Long Beach Unified School District schools as well as five other community locations. The program provides families assistance in the process of potty training, thus, children do not need to be potty trained.

 Head Start - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
(562) 426-8144
(562) 426-8144 x1276 Assistant Director
Teaching and Learning
(562) 426-8144 x1282 Assistant Director
Support Services

Head Start - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
(562) 426-8144 x.257 Administrative Secretary
(562) 426-8144 x.1273 Program Specialist
Early Intervening Services
(562) 426-8144 x.1245 Program Specialist
Family Support Services
(562) 422-6618 x. 2162 Family Engagement Manager
Educare/Head Start
(562) 426-8144 x.1269 Family Engagement Manager
Head Start
(562) 426-8144 x.1254 Family Engagement Manager
Head Start

Head Start - Learning Center Managers

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
(562) 426-8144 x.1290 Early Learning Center Manager
Edison, Garfield, Webster
(562) 426-8144 x.1236 Early Learning Center Manager
Beach, Buffum, Hudson
(562) 426-8144 x.1224 Early Learning Center Manager
Barton, Elm, Oropeza
(562) 426-8144 x.1243 Early Learning Center Manager
Birney, Burroughs, Harte
(562) 426-8144 x. 1268 Early Learning Center Manager
Bethune, King, Smith
(562) 426-8144 x.1235 Early Learning Center Manager
Herrera, Roosevelt, Whittier
(562) 426-8144 x. 1287 Early Learning Center Manager
Carmelitos, Chavez, McKinley
(562) 426-8144 x.1237 Early Learning Center Manager
Jordan Plus, Plymouth, Signal Hill
(562) 426-8144 x.1275 Early Learning Center Manager
Quality Assurance Licensing Monitoring Compliance