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ELTD Pipeline Programs

The Exploring Leadership Program provides professional development to candidates who are interested in pursuing leadership opportunities at their school site. The program aligns with the pipeline work of the Equity Leadership & Talent Development (ELTD) Office to consistently develop a steady stream of teacher leaders who are current in district philosophy and practice.

Preliminary Admin Services Credential Program - LBUSD and San Diego State University (SDSU) have partnered to prepare candidates for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential and/or a Master’s in PK-12 Educational Leadership. The credential only option is available for those who already hold a Master’s Degree. The MA in PK-12 Educational Leadership requires students to complete coursework required for the administrative credential, plus nine additional units related to research and the completion of an action research project. Courses are taught by LBUSD Faculty and SDSU Professors, and are a hybrid of on-site and on-line classes. All on-site classes will be held at the LBUSD Teacher Resource Center.

Introduction to Coaching Program expands upon the work of the Exploring Leadership Program to provide professional development to experienced teachers who are committed to supporting equity for all students in order to close the achievement gap. Support includes professional development workshops with a focus on peer coaching and facilitating site team collaboration, along with site visits by ELTD staff. The goal of the program is to consistently develop a steady stream of teacher leaders who are current in district philosophy and practice. The ideal candidate serves in a formal leadership role and has successfully completed the Exploring Leadership Program.

Future Administrators is designed for proven teacher-leaders who wish to prepare themselves for a career in administration.  Selected candidates will participate in a series of workshops and mentoring beginning in early Fall through late Spring, and upon successful completion, may be eligible for assistant principal or related leadership positions.  Interested candidates for the current school year should preview the Future Administrators tab for more information about the application / selection process.

Continuing Future Administrators provides additional training to candidates who have completed the Future Administrators’ Program. The program builds on the pipeline work of the ELTD Office to consistently develop a steady stream of future administrators who are current in district philosophy and practice.

Clear Admin Services Credential Program is for current district administrators who need to clear their Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (formerly known as Tier II).  It includes a program of coaching and professional development designed to meet state requirements.

New Administrators includes all first year assistant principals, who simultaneously participate in the Clear Administrative Induction Credential Program. New Administrators will attend a series of professional development workshops designed to provide a firm foundation in current administrative practice and district philosophy.

Aspiring Principals Program includes all Year 2 and/or Year 3 assistant principals. The Aspiring Principals Program prepares candidates for the principalship.

New Principal Support Program includes monthly support meetings.  First year principals meet monthly and second year principals meet every other month throughout the school year.

Transitioning Principals participate in a Change of Principal workshop primarily conducted throughout the summer season. 

Principal Coaching Program includes professional development and support meetings yearly.  Coaches are assigned to support Clear Administrative Induction Credential candidates and New Principals. Support meetings for coaches are scheduled throughout the year.

Exploring District Leadership continues the pipeline work of the ELTD Office to prepare a steady stream of principals who are current in district philosophy and practice for Central Office positions.

New Director Onboarding Program continues the pipeline work of the ELTD Office to support new directors in their day-to-day work of principal supervision and support.