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The Classified Leaders Program

The Classified Leaders Program provides voluntary professional development to classified staff who are committed to the inclusion of all members of a diverse Long Beach community.  Support includes in-person workshops and digital, "on-the-go" resources to be completed asynchronously.  Site visits for support with implementation of resources are available.

Participants will develop a personal vision, mission, and "brand" as well as explore the applications of those skills in the context of their site, branch, or department.  Workshops will also provide training in two types of coaching skills.  Participants will also learn how to motivate teams to set goals, communicate, maintain trust, resolve conflicts, and provide excellent customer service. Job interview and application skills will be covered.

Classified Leaders workshops are designed to provide coaching and leadership skills for applicants, but are not formal applications for a role or a position.


Resources for the Program

Classified Leaders - Informational Flyer