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Raises Included in Tentative Deal with TALB

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Employee Relations Services

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Raises Included in Tentative Deal with TALB

Dear LBUSD Colleagues,

We’re pleased to announce that bargaining teams for the school district and the Teachers Association of Long Beach reached tentative agreements today that include a substantive package of ongoing, one-time and retroactive salary increases for 2019-20 and 2020-21 while keeping our current benefit plans. Having met virtually for negotiations, the teams will sign the tentative agreements tomorrow, and then we will provide additional details. 

Given the difficulties that our students and employees have endured during our nation’s worst pandemic in a century, a priority for our district leadership was to offer a meaningful increase in compensation – based on a reasonable assessment of our budget –  to help retain and encourage our amazing and resilient staff. We feel that we have reached that balance with these tentative agreements.

For employees who are not represented by TALB, we reiterate that our school district has a well established history of parity in terms of salary increases across employee groups, and we will strive to uphold that tradition as we move forward, including as we continue to negotiate with CSEA in the coming weeks.

To our teachers and to all of our employees, please know that our district leadership stands ready to support your best efforts as we emerge from this terrible pandemic. Today’s tentative agreements reflect that commitment, as we eagerly anticipate better days ahead for our students and our LBUSD family.

With deep appreciation,


Jill Baker, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

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