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Update on Continued Negotiations with TALB

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Update on Continued Negotiations with TALB

Negotiations for the 2023-24 contract year continue between the Long Beach Unified School District and the Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB). The bargaining teams have been hard at work, meeting on Nov. 6, Nov. 27, and Dec. 5 to address a range of proposals and concerns.

TALB has presented proposals, touching on critical areas for our educators, including additional tiers for pathway lead teacher stipends, observations and evaluations, CDC transfer language, and school site safety.

Long Beach Unified has put forth proposals for Days and Hours of Employment, Transfers and Compensation, aiming to enhance the overall work environment for staff. Below are some key aspects of the proposals:

  1. Alignment of Staff Demographics: Include adjustments to transfer language to align staff demographics to student demographics at elementary sites. This proposal aims to create a more representative and inclusive educational environment.
  2. Extension of Teacher Duty Year: Increase the teacher duty year from 184 days in 2024-25 to 185 days in 2025-26. This adjustment is intended to provide dedicated time for teachers and administrators to support the implementation of board goals and guardrails, address changing expectations and requirements, foster collective efficacy, and allow for intentional and meaningful collaboration.
  3. GATE Vacancies: Address transfer language regarding GATE vacancies at elementary sites.
  4. Special Education Class Size Ratios: Address language concerning special education class size ratios, emphasizing a commitment to providing an optimal learning environment for all students.

The following tentative agreements have been reached:

  1. Pay Increases for Athletic Directors: Increase rates of pay for athletic directors.
  2. Additional Pay Tiers for Department Heads: Address Department Head stipends for large departments at comprehensive high schools.
  3. Clarity on Health Benefit Contributions: Clarity of language regarding cost sharing for health benefit contributions, ensuring transparency and fairness when the District reaches the District Annual Maximum (DAM).
  4. Safety Conditions of Employments: Clarity of language regarding reports of physical harm, site emergency communications, and the role of bargaining unit members during physical student altercations.

The next negotiation session with TALB is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 18. Your dedication and collaboration during this process are invaluable, and we appreciate your ongoing commitment to the success of our students and the entire Long Beach Unified community.

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