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Negotiations Progressing with TALB

Employee Relations Services

Employee Relations Services

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Negotiations Progressing with TALB

The Long Beach Unified School District and the Teachers Association of Long Beach have been negotiating a collective bargaining agreement since Nov. 29, 2021. During that time, District and TALB representatives have met 10 times for a total of 58 hours. The most recent bargaining session was held today. 

As a result of this ongoing dialogue, the two parties have reached agreement on most of the major items to be discussed, however one of the significant remaining items to be resolved is compensation. Talks will continue as both teams work toward a new collective bargaining agreement.

A Note on Negotiations with CSEA

As we previously reported, the District continues to go through formal factfinding after reaching impasse with the local chapter of the California School Employees Association. CSEA and the District have now presented evidence relating to their position to a three-member panel in a process overseen by the state Public Employee Relations Board. In accordance with the directive from the Factfinding Chair, the negotiating parties are refraining from disclosing further details until the panel issues its findings in the coming weeks.

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