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Dr. Tiffany Brown

Deputy Superintendent

Department Address 
1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810

Department Phone 
(562) 997-8465

Deputy Superintendent Montage

 Deputy Superintendent - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Dr. Tiffany Brown (562) 997-8465
(562) 997-8282 Fax
Deputy Superintendent
Cindy von Arx (562) 997-8467 Executive Secretary
Dr Brown with Graduate


Dr. Brown prides herself on working with families, community members and schools in a manner that creates a “village approach” toward educating our youth.  Throughout her 26 years with LBUSD, a central theme in Dr. Brown’s work has been the belief that applying an equity lens to decisions allows for groups that are traditionally not acknowledged to have full voice and access to opportunities.  

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