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New Teacher Support/Induction



Teacher Induction

LBUSD’s Teacher Induction Program provides a two-year individualized, job-embedded system of mentoring, support, and professional learning that begins in the teacher’s first year of contracted teaching.

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The Induction experience supports the growth and development of its candidates by building on the knowledge and skills gained during their Preliminary Preparation program. Each candidate creates an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)  through which they establish professional goals based on the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).

Long Beach Unified School District supports beginning teachers with the following preliminary credentials:

  • Preliminary Multiple Subject
  • Preliminary Single Subject
  • Preliminary Education Specialist- Mild/Moderate
  • Preliminary Education Specialist- Moderate/Severe

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 Curriculum - Teacher Induction - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Rick Biscocho (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction and New Teacher Support Coordinator

Curriculum - Teacher Induction - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Eric Brundin (562) 997-8000 ext 2900 Induction Coach
Stacey Collins (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Dawn Mackey (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Linda Mocilnikar (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Kathleen Naruse (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Ellen Ryan (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Tamara Shipp (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Jinky Steinberg (562) 997-8000 ext.2900 Induction Coach
Eileen Torres-Zeller (562) 997-8000 ext 2900 Induction Coach
Vacant (562) 997-8000 ext 2900 Staff Secretary