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Khan Academy



Curriculum: Virtual Learning

Department Address 

1299 E. 32nd St.
Signal Hill, CA 90755

Department Phone 
(562) 997-8000 x 2900

 Khan Academy Implementation - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Nader I. Twal (562) 997-8169 Program Administrator/Implementation Lead

   Khan Academy Implementation - Key Contacts

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Leonardo Ramos (562) 997-8000 x.8628 Virtual Learning Team Coordinator/ Khan Elementary Liaison
Becky Afghani (562) 997-8000 x.2962 6-12 Math Curriculum Leader
Kyoko Weber-Sickler (562) 997-8000 x.2962 Middle School Math Coach
Wendy Englert (562) 997-8000 x.2962 High School Math Coach
Alan Sheppard (562) 997-8000 x.2956 K-12 History/Social Science Curriculum Leader
Brett Wiley (562) 997-8000 x.2963 K-12 Science Curriculum Leader
Vanitha Chandrasekhar (562) 997-8000 x.8309 EdTech Curriculum Leader
Elizabeth Turner (562) 997-8000 x.2961 Academic and Career Readiness Curriculum Leader/AP Coordinator
Jennifer Crockett 562-997-8000, x.2955 Secondary ELA Curriculum Leader

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free, online resources that seeks to provide a world class education to every student, everywhere. As part of our efforts to close the achievement gap and accelerate student learning, Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. Khan resources are available in multiple languages and can be accessed on any device that has internet capabilities. Watch the video below to see how Long Beach teachers are using Khan to have an impact!

Video: Interview with Brooke