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School Library Program



Curriculum: Textbook and Library Services

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2201 E. Market St.
Long Beach, CA 90805

Department Phone 
(562) 997-8000 x.1870

School Library Program

The School Library Program integrates the Model School Library Standards for California Public Schools with the Common Core State Standards in all subject areas, inclusive of cybersafety and digital citizenship.

The District’s school library programs provide:

  1. Library instruction in the ethical, legal and safe use of information so that students will learn to:
    • access information by applying knowledge of the organization of libraries, print materials, digital media, and other sources;
    • evaluate and analyze information to determine appropriateness in addressing the scope of inquiry;
    • organize, synthesize, create and communicate information;
    • Integrate information literacy skills into all areas of learning and to pursue information independently to become life-long learners
  2. Teacher librarian collaboration with classroom teachers to create and teach lessons supporting all curricular standards using the resources of the library and beyond.
  3. A collection of current print and electronic resources adequate and appropriate for user needs that support all curricular areas and personal interests.
  4. Assistance to classroom teachers, administrators and school community members in becoming knowledgeable about effective, ethical, legal and safe uses of library media services, materials and equipment.

A credentialed teacher librarian is part of the staff at many schools in the LBUSD. Some elementary schools have a teacher librarian on staff, others have classified media assistants. There is a half-time teacher librarian at each middle school and a full-time teacher librarian at each comprehensive high school. Classes visit district libraries on both fixed and flexible schedules, depending on the school site.

A Teacher Librarian is a credentialed teacher with:
An additional credential (Teacher Librarian Service Credential) Possibly an MLIS, MLS, MA or other degrees



"On the U.S. History test, the library program is a better predictor of scores than both school variables and community variables, including parent education, poverty, ethnicity, and percentage of English language learners."

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Accessed March 11, 2014.