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Library Services



Curriculum: Library

Department Address 
2201 E. Market St.
Long Beach, CA 90805

Department Phone 
(562) 997-8000 x.3051

Curriculum- Library Services- Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Ester Deth (562) 997-8629 Program Administrator


Textbooks and Library Services - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Crystal Miranda (562) 997-8000 x.3051 Library Services Coordinator
Maria Deseo (562) 997-8000 x.1750 Library Media Assistant


Mission Statement

The mission of the LBUSD Library Services Office is to provide leadership and support to school libraries, teacher librarians, teachers and students in achieving academic standards and preparing students to become lifelong learners. The Library Services Office provides curriculum support, facilitates teacher librarian collaboration, assists in the development of current print and electronic resource collections that meet the needs of diverse populations and promotes the effective ethical, legal and safe uses of library materials and equipment.

Vision Statement

LBUSD students will be well-prepared 21st century learners, having the age-appropriate information and digital literacy skills to succeed in school and beyond. Students will develop the skills to become independent critical thinkers and carry the love of reading into adulthood. The school library, staffed with highly qualified personnel, will provide a collection of current print and electronic resources adequate and appropriate for user needs that support all curricular areas and personal interests.  School libraries will be recognized as hubs for student-centered learning.