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Family Resources

Curriculum: GATE

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1299 E. 32nd St.
Signal Hill, CA 90755

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(562) 424-9012

Welcome Families!

“Parents and caregivers are usually the first to identify a child’s extraordinary gifts and talents… Parents can engage with their children to provide rich stimulation and learning experiences and discover ways to partner with schools and resources in the broader community to nurture their child’s specialized learning needs.” (NAGC)


General Family Resources

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Websites for Families

National Association of the Gifted (NAGC)
  • Instagram: @nagcgifted

  • Twitter: @NAGCGIFTED

California Association of the Gifted (CAG)
  • Instagram & Twitter: @cagifted

Greater Los Angeles Gifted Children’s Association
John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth
Orange County Council for the Gifted
  • Instagram: @occgate

  • Twitter: @OCCGATE

Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted
  • Instagram & Twitter: @sengifted

  • Twitter: @SENG_Gifted

Center for Talent Development
Gifted Education Communicator
Common Sense Media
  • Instagram: @commonsenseorg

  • Twitter: @CommonSenseEd

  • Twitter: @CommonSense