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CDC School Age Care: Full Cost and Subsidized



CDC School Age Care: Full Cost and Subsidized

Before and after school care is provided to elementary students in grades K-5 at 14 LBUSD Elementary school sites throughout the school district. Most centers are open year-round from 6:30 am – 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday except for legal holidays and holidays declared by the Board of Education. Parents must meet eligibility requirements for the subsidized programs. The full cost programs have no eligibility requirements.

These Programs

  • Extend the regular school curriculum by assisting with homework and providing literacy, math, science, and social studies activities;
  • Encourage self-expression;
  • Develop sensory motor and physical skills;
  • Develop human relationships and citizenship;
  • Encourage the development of human dignity, self-esteem and respect for everyone; and
  • Encourage active participation in all activities.

If you have further questions related to the program or to enroll your child, please call one of the CDC sites listed below.

Site Phone


(562) 422-3579

Barton (562) 422-9867
Burbank (562) 433-0042
*Burcham (562) 420-9578
*Carver (562) 421-7015
Garfield (562) 424-8720
Grant (562) 422-4686
Holmes (562) 531-8519
*Kettering (562) 493-2850
*Mann (562) 439-7896
Muir (562) 427-5515
Powell (310) 631-8987
*Riley (562) 421-2924
Stevenson (562) 436-4500
*Tincher (562) 430-6810
*Twain (562) 425-2735
Webster (562) 989-1378

* Combination School Age/Edu-Care (subsidized and full cost).