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Collaborative Co-Teaching (CCT) Part Day Program



Preschool Kids

Child Development

Department Address 
4400 Ladoga Ave
Lakewood, CA 90713

Department Phone 
(562) 421-8210

Collaborative Co-Teaching (CCT) Part Day Program

LBUSD values all students and recognizes that student diversity and uniqueness add to the fabric of our district. We create school communities that promote appreciation and acceptance of student differences where all students feel a sense of belonging. We provide purposeful and meaningful access and participation in academic and social-emotional growth opportunities. Our “All Means All” belief system means that we are better together.

Co-teaching is defined as two teachers working together with groups of students and sharing the planning, organization, delivery, and assessment of instruction and physical space. 

A CCT Classroom Offers:

  • A General Education Classroom
  • Two Teachers- Collaborative Team Teaching 
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Flexible Learning Structures
  • High Expectations
  • Positive Behavior Support 
  • Curricular Adaptations
  • Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI)

Teaching Staff Includes: A CDC General Education Preschool Teacher as well as an Education Specialist Teacher 

Site Phone
Addams (562) 422-3579


(562) 421-7015

Holmes (562) 531-8519
Hudson (562) 424-3980
King (562) 428-3813
Webster (562) 989-1378
Willard (562) 438-9934

Why Co-Teaching?

  • More knowledge, skills and expertise
  • Increased capacity to problem solve 
  • Increased instructional options to reach ALL students
  • Direct whole class teaching and individualization can occur simultaneously
  • Increase of direct student-teacher contact 
  • Greater ways to check for understanding
  • Enlarged repertoire of instructional strategies
  • Better understanding of student’s needs 
  • Shared responsibility for celebrating successes and analyzing failure
  • Professional and personal growth through shared reflection and feedback
  • Empowerment of co-teaching partners

Inclusion Benefits All Research:

Benefits for Students with Disabilities

  • Higher Academic Achievement 
  • Higher Student Engagement
  • More Satisfying and Diverse Friendships 
  • Improved Communication
  • Wider Social Networks
  • Fewer Behavior Problems
  • More Opportunities for Higher Education
  • Meaningful Employment as Adults

Benefits for Students without Disabilities

  • Greater Academic Gains in Math & Reading
  • Increased Appreciation of Differences
  • Improved Self-Concept
  • Increased Social Cognition
  • Greater Empathy
  • Better Ethical Principles