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The Grounds Services Team is responsible for the maintenance of all landscaped areas on Long Beach Unified School District grounds.  As Stewards of the Environment, our Grounds Services employees provide the staff and students of LBUSD with a safe, clean and inviting environment in which to learn and succeed.

Department Hours:
6:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Phone Numbers:
Grounds Office 562-663-3039
For emergencies call School Safety 562-997-8101

Maintenance Helmets

Grounds Services responsibilities include:

  • Following IPM standards to minimize and control insects, weeds, and unwanted pests
  • Mowing, maintenance and renovation of sports fields, ornamental lawns, and shrubbery
  • Tree maintenance including trimming/pruning/removal/replanting
  • Irrigation: controllers/irrigation design/modifications/repairs
  • Storm debris removal
  • Repair small engine equipment

Operations - Grounds - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Vacant (562) 663-3039 Grounds Service Manager

Operations - Grounds - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility
Robert A. Maldonado (562) 663-3037 Grounds Crew Supervisor
Tree Crew/Field Crew
Robert C. Maldonado   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Oscar Ochoa   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Ramon Gonzalez   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Vacant   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Crew A
Roberto Vidal   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Crew B
Vacant   Grounds Crew Supervisor
Crew C
Mike Wilcoxen (562) 663-3049 Small Engine Mechanic