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Interdistrict Attendance Permits



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Interdistrict Attendance Permits

If you do not live in Long Beach and want to attend a Long Beach school:

The Long Beach Unified School District is accepting interdistrict permit applications from students in Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade who live outside of LBUSD boundaries and wish to attend a school in Long Beach.

Parents should first contact their district of residence for an interdistrict permit application. Once obtained, the approved form should be submitted to the Long Beach School District for review as follows:

Transitional Kindergarten - 5th grade: Elementary & K8 Level Office
6th - 8th grade: Secondary Level Office (Middle School)
9th - 12th grade:

Secondary Level Office (High School)

Acceptance or denial of the interdistrict permit is determined by the availability of space at the requested school.

If you live in Long Beach and want to attend a school in another school district:

Parents or guardians may apply for transfer to a school outside the Long Beach Unified School District. The submission period for applications for the next school year begins on March 1st of the current school year.

Interdistrict Permit Applications

Interdistrict Permit Applications for Kindergarten through 12th grade may be printed by clicking the following links.

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Elementary & K-8 Schools
1515 Hughes Way, 3rd Floor
Long Beach, CA 90810
Phone: (562) 997-8247

Middle Schools (6th - 8th)
1515 Hughes Way, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90810
Phone: (562) 997-8100

High Schools (9th-12th)
1515 Hughes Way, 4th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90810
Phone: (562) 997-8115

Completed applications and required documents may be scanned and sent via email to

Transitional Kindergarten – 5th grade:
6th – 8th grade:
9th – 12th grade:

Completed applications may be mailed or faxed to the appropriate grade level office (Elementary/TK-8, Middle, or High School) at the addresses listed above.

Although we process applications as quickly as possible, processing time can take up to 7-10 business days. Incomplete applications/documentation will delay processing time. Once applications have been processed, they will be returned via email.  You may also submit a self-addressed stamped envelope with your application if you would like to receive the approved application via U.S. Mail.

The Education Code allows school districts to enter into interdistrict attendance agreements. Either the district of residence or the district of choice may deny the application, but if a permit is granted for employment or child-care reasons, the student has the right to remain in that district’s schools through the twelfth grade, subject to the availability of classroom space.