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Attendance Hits New High in Schools with Uniforms (10/02/1998)

Fewer students are playing hooky these days in Long Beach. School absences are down. Attendance at Long Beach Unified School District K-8 schools reached an all-time high last year, the fourth year school uniforms have been required in those same grades.

Percent of actual attendance in elementary schools in 1997-98 reached 94.8 percent, the highest point in the 18 years the district has been compiling these statistics. In middle schools, student attendance slipped 0.1 percent, to 94.5 percent, just below last year's all-time high.

When excused absences for illness are added in, student attendance exceeded 99 percent.

In six local high schools, percent of actual attendance increased to 93.8 percent, half a percent above its previous high set last year, but somewhat below the younger students. School uniforms are required for ninth and tenth graders at the Classical High School at Wilson this year.

Student attendance has increased since 1994, when the Long Beach Unified School District became the first large school district to require school uniforms in all elementary and middle schools.