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Superintendent's Message

A Time of Great Change and Opportunity

By Jill Baker, Ed. D.

I am deeply honored that our Board of Education chose me to serve as superintendent of the Long Beach Unified School District effective August 2020. I have come to know and love LBUSD after working for 28 years here, first as a teacher, then as a school principal and central office administrator. I can also appreciate our district from a parent perspective, having had my own son graduate from our schools in 2018.

Superintendent Jill BakerOur school district is a storied place of learning, excellence and resilience. Much like our nation, LBUSD also is a big idea. We firmly believe in the innate talents and abilities of all, and we strive to help our students reach their fullest potential despite any barriers they may face.

If we truly wish to live up to our ideals, then America has work to do, as evidenced by recent unrest and discord on the national scene. Here in our schools, we also have much work to do, whether in the classroom or in the virtual learning settings that have become a new reality.

Long Beach schools remain among the best in the nation, but we intend to build upon our hard-fought gains in student achievement, especially for students who, for a variety of reasons, may need extra support. The work of ensuring equity and continuing to close achievement gaps requires honest dialogue about the challenges our students and their families face, whether related to poverty, race, language, disability or other factors. We are committed to listening and acting in the best interests of all students.

The year 2020 brought many extraordinary changes to our daily lives, including changes to the way we teach and learn. One thing has not changed, and that’s our steadfast commitment to our students and their families.

As the school year progresses, we’ll provide more ways than ever to stay connected and involved in our schools. I encourage you to visit our website frequently, and you can follow us on these social media channels:

  • Twitter @LBSchools
  • Instagram @LongBeachUSD
  • Facebook @LongBeachUnifiedSchoolDistrict
  • YouTube at lbschools.net/youtube

I also invite you to follow my personal Twitter account @jbaker000.

I look forward to building upon our proud tradition of educational excellence. With the help of everyone in our school communities, the best is yet to come. 

With students in mind,


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