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Chronic absenteeism is a complex issue that has far-reaching impact on students, their families, and communities as a whole.  Whether absences are excused or unexcused, students who do not attend school regularly and on time jeopardize their ability to develop healthy life habits and important social skills, and have an increased chance of not performing well academically and dropping out of school.  Students who are not in school are also more likely to be involved in a crime, either as victims or perpetrators.  When they become adults, they struggle with maintaining good jobs and good health.

All In Purpose

The All In school attendance campaign shall reduce chronic absenteeism in 25 identified K-8 schools and increase social, emotional, and behavioral-health related supports in five (5) high schools in the LBUSD by:

  • Promoting home-to-school connectedness
  • Supporting the social-emotional, academic growth, and personal success of All students
  • Utilizing data analysis and fostering partnerships with community agencies to identify and provide targeted interventions to improve school culture and student outcomes

All In Schools:

  • All In Downtown/Central
    (serving students and families attending Washington MS, Edison ES, Chavez ES, Lincoln ES, Oropeza ES, Roosevelt ES, Willard ES, Franklin MS, Hoover MS, Jefferson MS, Nelson MS, Smith ES, Whittier ES)
    All In Staff: Lorena Cervantes
  • All In North/West
    (serving students and families attending Lindbergh MS, Hamilton MS, Lindsey MS, Powell K-8, Addams ES, Barton ES, McKinley ES, King ES, Dooley ES, Stephens MS, EPHS, Robinson K-8, Garfield ES)
    FRC Staff: Melissa Espinoza

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Vision Statement

Improve school culture and educational outcomes for all students by reducing chronic absenteeism in the LBUSD.

All In Location

The All In team is located at the Tucker Administrative Offices:

2221 Argonne Ave,
Long Beach, CA 90815

Hours of Operation:

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