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High School Wellness Centers

High School Wellness Centers

High School Wellness Centers are a powerful investment for our schools and local communities. They empower our students to promote and manage their own social, emotional, and physical health while striving to support all areas of their lives that may impact their academic potential. Our 11 High School Wellness Centers are student driven and they provide access to trusted adults, local community resources and services such as counseling, community engagement, empowerment workshops, case management and peer-to-peer support. Our Centers also support school staff by providing tools to further understand and motivate students to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Our High School Wellness Centers provide free, confidential services while connecting students, families and staff to vital community resources. The vision is to provide a range of resources to support students and families in meeting the challenges of adolescence through prevention, early-intervention and education, in a safe and convenient place - at school.

The Wellness Centers safe and inclusive practices support the academic potential of students  through the promotion of social, emotional, and physical well-being. The Centers provide, (but not limited to) the following interventions and supportive services:

  • Short Term Counseling Services (Individual/Group)
  • Social Service Needs Assessments/Linkages
  • Empowerment/Educational Workshops
  • Peer Mentorship/Counseling
  • Parent Support Groups
  • Student and Family Advocacy & Case Management
  • Special Interest Activities (Art, Mindfulness, Yoga)
  • Basic Needs Closet (Snacks/Toiletries/School Supplies)
  • Community Resources
  • Classroom/Staff Presentations

High School Wellness Center - Administration

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 986-6870 x.241 Director

  High School Wellness Center - Staff

Contact Phone / Address Position / Responsibility

(562) 986-6870, x.240 Program Specialist
Lead Social Worker
Contact Site Wellness Center Phone
Mariah Jaramillo Browning (562) 997-1700 x.6368
Minerva Nilo Cabrillo (562) 951-7717
Elisabeth Rivera CAMS (310) 243-1095
Mireya Cervantes Jordan (562) 423-1471 x.2224
Shylee Johnson Lakewood (562) 425-1281 x.3308
Jenna Macklyn McBride (562) 997-8000 x.4746
Aimee Uresti Millikan (562) 425-7441 x.4462
Vanessa Clark Poly (562) 591-0581 x.5137
James Lingen Renaissance (562) 901-0168 x.7107
Katie Lusk Sato (562) 598-7611
Ivonne Martinez Wilson (562) 433-0481 x.6504

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