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Vision 2035 with Dr. Jill Baker & Nader Twal

Vision 2035 - Phase 1

Strategic Planning Under Way

LBUSD is embarking on districtwide visioning and strategic planning. Together with students, parents, staff and community partners, the District will design a student and adult “portrait” and create a vision of how we imagine our students in LBUSD and in the future. 

The District is committed to a student-centered process, and we will listen and learn alongside our students to co-design our portraits and vision. Staff will take these co-designed products and create a clear road map to reach these inspirational and aspirational goals with a strategic plan. 

This process cannot happen without your voice, thoughts and input. From now until early February, the District will be hosting events, talking sessions, and focus groups to engage and to hear from you. Your thoughts and insights will help a team of various stakeholders help put together the vision and strategic plan for the District. 

The District will provide updates through various means, including internal and external newsletters, and through updates to our website at lbschools.net/strategicplan.




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