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Request for Bids: 2021-22

Bid & Contract Opportunities

School District. We are committed to providing an equal opportunity for all business enterprises to participate in our purchasing and contracting activities.
Bid #
Bid Due Date
Bid Comparison


01-2122 Addendum

Tutoring Services 8/30/2021 2:00 PM  
02-2122 HVAC FIlters 9/29/2021 11:00 AM Bid Comparison


03-2122 Addendum

Musical Instruments (Canceled) 11/10/2021 11:00 AM  
05-2122 Musical Instruments 1/5/2022 11:00 AM Bid Comparison
2122-63 Brokerage and Marketing Services 4/27/2022 4:00 PM  
2122-67 Developer Fee Reporting 5/4/2022 2:00 PM  
16-2122 Musical Instrument Repairs 6/2/2022 4:00 PM Proposal Comparison

NOTE: Effective 03/15/2022; all District Bids will be accessible on the LBUSD Planet Bids Website.

Please use this link to review Current District Bids (Bid Opportunities) and to register as a New Vendor.

LBUSD Planet Bids Website:

Thank you for your interest in Long Beach Unified School District.