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Flyer Approvals

The Public Information Office approves fliers from organizations that wish to send information home with students. Approvals are limited to nonprofit and governmental organizations that provide low-cost and free services for youth and their families. Fliers and other written materials that promote commercial, or for-profit, entities cannot be approved for distribution through students, nor should fliers contain commercial sponsorship logos.

Fliers submitted for approval should include a brief description of the program or services offered, along with contact information and the amount of any fees charged for services. Organizations submitting fliers to the school district for the first time will be asked to show proof of nonprofit status in the form of an IRS letter.

Fliers and any supporting IRS documentation may be submitted below. The preferred format for fliers is an attached PDF, though Microsoft Word files are acceptable. Flier file names should contain only numbers and letters, not special characters such as pound signs, parentheses, colons, question marks and ampersands. Special characters in the file name may prevent the flier from being viewed and approved.

Upon approval, the Public Information Office will respond by email with an attached Word file containing an approval stamp/disclaimer that must be affixed (or copied and pasted) to the flier before it is duplicated and distributed to schools. This approval stamp, which measures roughly one by three inches, indicates to school principals and office staff that the flier is cleared for distribution through students.

Duplication and distribution of the fliers to schools is the responsibility of the organization that submitted the material for approval.

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The Public Information Office usually responds to flier approval requests within one or two business days.

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