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Classified Layoff & Reemployment Information for Classified Employees

In light of recent Classified layoffs and/or reductions this information may help to answer questions regarding this process.


Classification: The official District title given to a position. Some sites use working titles like “Attendance Clerk” or “Counselor’s Clerk” which are unofficial.

Layoff: Action taken by the Board of Education to separate an employee from a permanent or probationary position because of lack of work or lack of funds.

Reduction: Action taken by the Board of Education to shorten a position in hours or days worked.

Seniority: Status secured by length of service calculated by hours worked prior to December 30, 2017 and by date of hire within classification after January 1, 2018 to which certain rights are attached.

Reemployment list: Lists consisting of the names of employees laid off in each classification who are eligible for reemployment without re-examination in the classification from which they were laid off.

Bumping: Displacement of an employee by another employee with greater seniority within the classification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have during the layoff and reduction process?
The rights and procedures governing layoffs and reductions are outlined in the California Education Code and the Rules and Regulations of the Classified Service, Chapter 9. Most of these provisions are covered in the questions and answers below.

How much notice of layoff/reduction will I get?
You will receive at least a 60 calendar day written notice as required by the Education Code.

What happens if my position is reduced in hours or abolished?
Official notification will come from the Personnel Commission in the form of a letter after the Board of Education takes action. Commission Staff will contact you before you receive your written notice to inform you of any bumping options.

What happens if I get bumped by someone?
You are extended the same rights that they had (60 calendar day written notice, the opportunity to exercise your bumping rights if any, and reemployment rights).

Can I bump into a classification that I've never held a position in?
No. You can only bump into a classification in which you have previously held permanent or probationary status.

Can I be told where I'd bump before I make that decision?

If I elect to "bump", can I choose where to bump?
No. Bumping is determined by seniority.

If I worked as a substitute or limited-term employee in a classification, does this time count towards my seniority?
No, this time does not count. Only time served as a regular employee counts towards seniority in a classification.

How long would my name remain on the reemployment list?
Persons laid off because of lack of work or lack of funds are eligible for reemployment for a period of 39 months and shall be reemployed in preference to new applicants. Employees who take voluntary demotions or reductions in assigned time in lieu of layoff or to remain in their present positions rather than be reassigned, shall be granted the same rights as persons laid off and shall retain eligibility to be considered for reemployment for an additional period of 24 months.

If I am on a reemployment list and turn down an offer of employment, what happens to me?
If you are on the reemployment list you may decline two offers of permanent appointment to positions of equal or greater value as the position you were laid off from without affecting your status on the list. However, a third refusal results in your name being placed on the inactive list. Always keep your contact information updated so we can reach you even if you are no longer employed with LBUSD.

If a new position is approved and I am on a reemployment list for that classification, what happens?
Persons who are laid off or reduced are placed on a reemployment list for the classification from which they were laid off or reduced, in order of their classification seniority which is in reverse order of layoff. The reemployment list for a classification supersedes any eligibility lists for that classification. The laid off or reduced employee with the most seniority is first offered the position and if that person declines the next most senior is offered the position and so on until someone accepts or the list is exhausted.

Suppose I receive notice that I am going to be laid off in 60 days and then I receive a job offer from outside the District but they want me to start in 2 weeks, before my last day with the District. Should I resign from the District?
If you resign from the District before your last day of work you will lose your rights to be placed on the reemployment list and the 3 month extension of benefits.

I received notice I will be laid off in 60 days. I’m so upset I want to walk off the job. Is it okay to not come back to work?
If you walk off the job (abandon your position) before your last day of work with the District you will lose your rights to be placed on the reemployment list, the 3 month extension of benefits, and most likely your right to collect unemployment.

If I have questions about unemployment insurance, who do I contact?
For information about unemployment, you can contact the California State Employment Development Department at 800-480-3287 or visit their website at

If I am laid off, what happens to my health benefits? Am I eligible for COBRA?
A separate list of questions and answers regarding the effect of layoffs on Classified employee health benefits is available here.

If I am laid off from the District, what happens to my accrued vacation and sick time?
All unused vacation time will be paid out. The pay dates will vary for each individual depending on their last day of work. Unused sick time will remain on the books and if you are hired back from a reemployment list the sick time will be reinstated as if you never left. If you are hired by another public agency unused sick time may be transferable.

What happens to my retirement funds if I am laid off from the District?
You can contact CalPERS for available options at 800-225-7377 or visit their website at

Contact Information

If you have further questions about the layoff and/or reduction process, Displacement Services, or questions regarding your specific situation please contact:

Dale Culton, Certification Services Manager @ Ext.7431

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