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Parent University - Administration

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(562) 997-8325 Executive Director
Equity, Access, and College & Career Readiness

Parent University - Staff

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(562) 997-8307 Administrative Assistant
Parent University DCAC Coordinator OASIS Coordinator VIPS Coordinator Educational Opportunities for Native Americans (EONA)

(562) 997-8638 Program Specialist
Categorical Compliance/FPM Parent University Migrant Education Coordinator DELAC Coordinator ELAC Site Support Title III Support

(562) 997-8326 Teacher on Special Assignment
Parent University High School Choice Middle School Choice

(562) 997-8045 Staff Secretary
Parent University Migrant Education

(562) 997-8320 Parent Involvement Specialist – BL Kh
Parent University High School Choice Middle School Choice

(562) 997-8178 Instructional Asst, Parent Resource Centers – BL Sp
Parent University High School Choice Middle School Choice

(562) 997-8547 Intermediate Office Assistant

The LBUSD Board of Education recognizes that parents from throughout our ethnically diverse population serve as an invaluable resource in the process of educating children. The Board believes that a child’s education is a responsibility shared by family and school. The Board, and LBUSD, through Parent University, is committed to providing parent involvement activities that help strengthen the home-school partnership by:

  1. Providing opportunities to help parents strengthen their parenting, literacy, and English language skills to foster conditions at home that affect children’s efforts in learning.
  2. Providing parents with the knowledge and strategies to assist their children in learning at home, in the community, and at school.
  3. Supporting the efforts of parents to work with their children to understand and attain the Common Core standards.
  4. Encouraging and facilitating parental interest and involvement at school organizations and activities. Also identifying and involving parents in instructional and support roles.
  5. Encouraging parents to assume school and district leadership roles in governance, advisory, and advocacy decision-making processes.
  6. Helping parents acquire needed services through identified school district and community resources.
  7. Training parents, teachers, and principals to build a partnership between the home and school thereby increasing effective communication.
  8. Consulting with parents on a regular basis concerning the manner in which stakeholders can collaborate to build and refine school programs that ensure academic progress.
  9. Informing parents about the performance of their child’s school, and of the options they have to ensure the appropriate placement of their student.
  10. Informing parents of participating children of the (a) reasons their children are participating in the program and (b) specific instructional objectives and methods of programs.

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1515 Hughes Way
Long Beach, CA 90810

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(562) 997-8322