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Retiring Certificated Staff Served 3,500 Years

A total of 134 teachers and other certificated employees are wrapping up their careers this year. Together they have amassed 3,500 years of service to the students of the Long Beach Unified School District: 45 years—Andrew Wiblemo, Hoover; 42 years—Mary Ann Kies, Prisk; Felicia Ward, Emerson; 39 years—Marnos Lelesi, Longfellow; Carolyn Kennedy, Madison; Terri Pikop, Lakewood; Patricia Potter, OCIPD; Diana Wheeler, Coordinated Student Services; 38 years—Barry Neel, Buffum; Nancy Parsons, Millikan; Susan Feinberg, Grant; Jane Mitamura, Cubberley; Patricia Hansen, Mann; 37 years—John Montrella, Millikan; Rhoda Johnson, Powell; Dixie Dawson, OCIPD; Margaret Hess, Tincher; Karen Blagaich, Hill; Elyse Gordon, Buffum; Jim Keck, Information Services; Judy McEachen, Carver; Gretta Mahan, Cubberley; 36 years—Phyllis McGihon, Stevenson; Rose Williams, Grant; Sandra Iwai, Millikan; William Colby, McKinley; Lynne Finley, Lakewood; 35 years—Claudia Kreis, Burnett; Gloria Perry, Bancroft; Linda Binns, Burcham; Dennis Shook, DeMille; Ceola Jones, Hudson; 34 years—Patricia D’Ambrosi, The Willows; 33 years—Marian Lyman, Franklin; Joyce Ashimine, Grant; James Ferguson, Wilson; Jill Moore, Burcham; Lawrence Clark Jr., Butler; 32 years—Charlene Lee, Tincher; Victoria Girard, Birney; Christina McCambridge, The Willows; 31 years—Jennifer Paulin, Cubberley; Linda Frame, Cabrillo; 30 years—Belia Rockwell, Avalon; Lynelle Wise, Jordan; Terry Buckley, Monroe; 29 years—Nancy Nakagawa, Superintendent’s Office; Christine Lungren-Maddalone, Elementary Office; Ann Cole, Mann; 28 years—Kathleen Rapp, Burcham; Valerie Shoopman, Lakewood; 27 years—Evelyn Martin, Twain; 26 years—Rebecca Andrade, Grant; Karen DeVries, Elementary Office; Paul Farris, Millikan; 25 years—Shirley Ammon, Madison; Janice Madnick, Roosevelt; Judith Ramming, Avalon; 24 years—Merry De Lucia, Poly; Mary Lou Weiss, Roosevelt; 23 years—Susan E. Nelson, The Willows; 22 years—Michael Smith, Avalon; Elyse Stewart, Roosevelt; Leticia Agbin, Hudson; Dorothy Clark, Stephens; Judith Morrill, Lee; 21 years—Constance Luther, Willard; Janice Grist, Grant; Peggy Denhart, Poly; Adrienne Wolfe, Poly; Patricia Cohen, Sutter; 20 years—Stephen Cox, Lindbergh; Eugene Williams, Millikan; 18 years—Gregory Brooks, Student Support Services; Carol Guesno, Fremont/Buffum; Judith Vlastakis, Millikan; Margaret Mulligan, Marshall; 17 years—Joyce Ferrell, Hamilton; Carol Hesse, Renaissance; Kay Christensen, Hudson; Grace McManus, Wilson; Marilyn Mayer, Wilson; 16 years—Minnie Jefferson, Head Start; 15 years—Georgia Swanberg, Signal Hill; Shelia Tolan, Jordan; Mary K. McDonald, Cubberley; 14 years—Evelyn Walter, Grant; 13 years—Jane Adair, Poly; 12 years—Libertad Gonzales, Lakewood; Mahesh Pondicherry, Poly; Olivia Acosta, Henry; 11 years—Addie Burroughs, Jordan; Lynn Winters, Research; Ronald Yaffee, Riley; 10 years—Alreatha Kennedy, McKinley; Ofelia Aid, Grant; Thirty-eight others who served 868 years asked that their names not be printed.