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Classified Employees Devoted 1,356 Years

Retiring this year from schools, offices and key support services are 64 Long Beach Unified School District classified employees with a combined total of 1,356 years of service: 40 years—Santiago Busa, instructional assistant; 33 years—Janet Dominger, Superintendent’s Office; 31 years—Robert McDermid, Operations; Richard Cassman, Business Office; 30 years—Edith Jacks, Twain; Thomas Pike, Keller; 29 years—Maria Sheets, Nutrition Services; Robert Wyatt Jr., Grant; 28 years—Ellie Steineckert, Bancroft; Cecilia Clark, Nutrition Services; 26 years—Patricia Bowers, Prisk; Nancy Barnes, Nutrition Services; 25 years—Rita Lares, Stephens; Karen Kerman, Wilson; Yaopou Chao, Hamilton; 24 years—Jesusita Berrera, Roosevelt; 23 years—Barbara Sequeira, Bancroft; 22 years—Beverley Murchison, International; 21 years—Jerry Black, Lakewood; 20 years—Lauro Reyes, Birney; 19 years—Nellie Carlson, Maintenance; 17 years—Patricia O’Connor, Stephens; Graciela Rocha, International; Erlinda Santos, Poly; 16 years—Penelope Cormier, Roosevelt; 15 years—Sherrell Paige, Cleveland; 14 years—Mollie Pitts, Lafayette; 12 years—Patricia Holmes, Riley; John Jackson, Harte; Sharilyn Ingram, McKinley; 10 years—Shari Bolling, Hill; A total of 33 others with a combined 649 years of service requested that their names not be printed.