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National, International Attention Increasing

A steady stream of dozens of educators from California, the nation and abroad have lined up to visit schools and offices of the Long Beach Unified School District in recent weeks, seeking to learn about successful practices. In just the last three weeks, educators have arrived from Chicago, Dallas, the city of Wyoming in Michigan and Fresno. Up next are educators from Oxnard, Victorville, Santa Barbara and Japan. Chicago educators are competing for the Broad Prize for Urban Education and wanted to observe a winner of the America’s Best Urban Schools honor in action. Fresno teachers and administrators observed interventions and inclusion efforts for special education students in math and literacy. The superintendent and other educators from Wyoming, MI, observed ways to increase achievement for all students, including English Language Learners. The team from Dallas included selected representatives serving on their Educational Commission. The goal in Dallas is to become a Broad Prize winner, and the team researched Long Beach’s success in raising student achievement through professional development, data collection and research. Victorville, Oxnard and Japanese educators are interested in local schools’ use of Malcolm Baldrige continuous improvement strategies, which are used by some of the nation’s leading businesses to boost efficiency and performance. Oxnard teachers and administrators also will meet with leaders and coaches from the math, history and language arts offices, and they will research English Language Development strategies in science. Santa Barbara’s team will research English pre-Advanced Placement, English Language Learner and math curricula, Advancement Via Individual Determination college readiness efforts, and multi-media technology.