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District Outperforms State on Achievement

An independently produced report card on the performance of the Long Beach Unified School District shows local schools not only outperforming schools statewide, but in most cases also closing achievement gaps faster than the state is. The report card is part of The Broad Foundation’s effort to recognize school districts that are improving overall student performance while reducing achievement gaps among ethnic groups and between higher- and lower-income students. The report card project, directed by the National Center for Educational Accountability, examined proficiency on state reading and math tests as well as performance on the California High School Exit Exam. Local students in elementary, middle and high school performed at – and in most cases above – their counterparts throughout the state. This scenario held true for Long Beach Unified School District students in each ethnic, racial and income group examined in the study, including African American, Hispanic, white, low-income and non-low-income students. The Long Beach Unified School District won the national Broad Prize for Urban Education in 2003 for raising the achievement of all groups of students. After awarding the prize, the foundation continues to monitor winning districts and share their best practices with other educators throughout the nation.