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Schools Meet Criteria for National Contest

Thirty-nine schools in the Long Beach Unified School District met the rigorous criteria to compete for the 2007 National Center for Urban School Transformation’s Excellence in Education Awards. NCUST, based at San Diego State University, considers schools eligible to compete if they have met several student performance criteria, including the following: • Achieved national Adequate Yearly Progress goals; • Reported at least 92 percent average daily attendance; • Either the state department of education or the state's Just For the Kids data site identifies the school as being among the top comparable schools in one or more grade/subject areas; • For high schools, maintained at least a 75 percent cohort graduation rate for every major demographic group of students (at least 75 percent of the students who entered ninth grade in 2002-03, graduated in the spring of 2006); • Maintained a low out-of-school suspension rate (an average of less than one day of suspension for every student enrolled); • Presented other strong evidence of academic excellence such as high percentages of students passing advanced placement examinations, high percentages of students completing rigorous courses of study, or awards for school-wide excellence in academic disciplines. Finalists will receive a site visit from an NCUST team to help determine award winners. Five schools were selected last year. The winners will receive a check for $1,000 and a banner bearing their name. Each school also will receive travel costs for one representative to attend the NCUST Symposium in San Diego in May. Eligible elementary and K-8 schools included Addams, Alvarado, Barton, Birney, Bixby, Bryant, Buffum, Burbank, Burroughs, Edison, Garfield, Gompers, Grant, Harte, Holmes, Hudson, International, Keller, King, Lafayette, Lee, Lincoln, Madison, Mann, Muir, Robinson, Roosevelt, Signal Hill, Tincher, Tucker, Whittier and Willard. Eligible middle schools include Hill, Hoover and Hughes. Eligible high schools include CAMS, Lakewood, Polytechnic and Wilson.