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Teachers of Year Inspire, Motivate Students

A Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year is among three outstanding teachers who were recently selected as Long Beach Unified School District Teachers of the Year. Annemarie Lander, a social studies teacher at Tincher Preparatory School, is one of 16 teachers countywide to earn the top honor. She is in the running to become California Teacher of the Year. Satinder Hawkins, an economics, psychology and world history teacher at Millikan High School, along with Beverly Moutet, language arts teacher at Tincher, and Lander earned top honors for the district. Lander encourages extensive classroom participation. Her students are actively engaged in learning American history. "Students are asked to think like a historian, philosopher, economist, geographer, Native American, Union general and others to gain historical perspective," Lander said. "I have purposefully and thoughtfully set up a classroom in which students feel safe, comfortable and, most importantly, enjoy learning." Lander invests time in getting to know her students, which helps her to assess individual learning styles and to build on students' strengths. "Students know they can succeed in my classroom," Lander said. "A safe, lively and enjoyable environment helps make learning more meaningful, more complete and enduring." Hawkins encourages inquisitiveness in class. "A teacher who does the job well encourages creativity and curiosity, allowing students to discover information rather than always having it delivered to them in a gift-wrapped lecture,” Hawkins said. "I believe passionately and unabashedly in the power of public education to change the lives of those who enter, and in the power of those who enter to change the world," Hawkins added. “A strong public education system is the best gift we can give our children." Moutet lives in the Tincher neighborhood, and her child attends the school. "I see my students and their parents at Little League, AYSO and the local Jewish Community Center," she said. Her accessibility helps her connect more easily with students to improve achievement. "I am flexible, adapting my instruction according to my students’ needs," Moutet said. "Often, I teach the same story or skill in four different ways, as each class has its own needs.”