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Student Art Contest Winners

More than 100 middle and high school students participated in the annual National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Art Contest held recently at the Aquarium of the Pacific. 

The contest, held in honor of NOAA Day at the Aquarium of the Pacific, encourages students to learn more about issues affecting the world’s ocean. ”One Ocean, One Climate, One Future - Together" was this year’s theme.

Winners from Group One (grades 6 to 9) were: first place, Youmna Ali, an eighth grader at Rogers Middle School; second, Cadence Gwen Malaluan; and third, Eli Sennikoff-Lockerman, both sixth graders at Marshall Academy of the Arts. 

Winners from Group Two (grades 10 to 12) were: first place, Kylie Escalante, grade 11 at Wilson High School; second, Alyssa Jimenez; and third, Eleanor Hex, both 11th graders at Millikan High School.

'THE OCEAN IS IN OUR HANDS NOW' – This artwork by Wilson High School junior Kylie Escalante won first place in the high school category. Select photo to view full image.