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School Nurse of the Year

Anastacia Speedone, a nurse at Bixby, Gant and Cleveland elementary schools, has won the School Nurse of the Year Award from the Long Beach School Nurse Association.

Speedone is described as friendly, kind and compassionate. Colleagues say that her depth of knowledge about health and wellness is remarkable, and she uses this knowledge in her tireless work to be of invaluable service to students and schools. She has developed tools and resources that are used at the site level and approved and used by all schools in the district.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she adhered to district, local and state guidelines to provide high quality, research-based trainings that were rooted in science. She goes above and beyond to support her students, families and teachers daily. She also participated in the “Why I Sign” project in collaboration with the Long Beach Unified School District’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department to promote the importance of kindness and inclusion. She has been a school nurse and board member of LBSNA for five years, and she is treasurer of the organization.


Anastacia Speedone