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Rotary Donates Books and Supplies

The Long Beach Rotary recently donated funds to help create more than 500 book and supply bags for the students at the Long Beach Unified School District’s Child Development Centers.

The donation is part of the club’s annual tradition, which provides funds to help the CDCs purchase books for preschool students to take home and build their own home libraries.

On April 27, the Long Beach Rotary and CDC at Addams Elementary School held a small outdoor event for nearly 55 preschool students. During the event, the students received their gift bags and were read stories by the Long Beach Rotarians. The remaining bags will be delivered to all CDC sites by the Rotarians in the coming weeks.

Each bag is filled with two books and a variety of craft supplies such as scissors, glue, crayons, watercolor paint sets, markers, sidewalk chalk, construction paper and playdough.

SPECIAL DELIVERY –  Long Beach Rotarian Jean Bixby Smith helps to deliver gift bags to students at the Addams Child Development Center.